How do I wash my yarn?

At present I only dye superwash yarn, this means the yarn can be washed on a cool or wool wash setting in a domestic machine. However, to keep your items looking their best I always recommend hand washing in cool water. You may get a small amount of colour run (bleeding) on the first few washes - even though the dye is fixed properly and has been thoroughly rinsed this can still happen with certain colours, especially if a soap or wool soak is used. This is normal and nothing to worry about



Are colourways repeatable?

Some are and some aren't! If a colourway has OOAK (One Of A Kind) in the listing then it probably isn't repeatable. A lot of the OOAK colourways are created using up leftover dyes so they don't have a 'recipe' that we can refer back to. Even with recipes and detailed notes no two batches, or even skeins from the same batch, will ever be the same - this is why we recommend alternating skeins every few rows if you are using more than one skein in your project 



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